Final Portfolio

This is a leaf from an elephant ear plant, I placed it on a light table to show all of the veins, converted it to B&W and with some dodging and burning got an image I am pleased with.

Just a simple photo of some pine trees with a bit of photoshop manipulation: curves, levels, dodging and burning, blue gradient and a green gradient.

This is a Photoshop composite from an image I took of a magnolia blossom, I wanted it to look as though the bloom had been drawn onto the canvas.

I think this one has a nice bit of a romantic mood, I did a long exposure to burn in the candles, did a sepia toning in Lightroom, then brought the warmth up and the saturation down in photoshop.  I also used photoshops tilt-shift filter to create the selective focus.

This is a macro focus stack, comprised of 28 images, with some burning to create the "vignette" and dodging to enhance the bee's eyes.  It's crazy how much detail we don't see when we look at a bee, I like the hairs on its legs and the dimples in it's head.


Some random

While out on photo-safari I found this in Randleman, when I see old rusty metal, or the rotting wood of an old decaying house I always imagine what life was like when this looked new, it reminds me that nothing really ever lasts forever. The things we consider novel and cutting edge will one day bear the burden of time, worn and cast away; to be replaced with newer and more novel things.



I like magnolias, this was an extra from something I was working on for my final portfolio



On location for a client photoshoot, this is an old Farmall tractor, I like the bokeh here.